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The Twelve Beers is an event where you get 12 different craft beers in 12 of the best pubs in Curitiba, all in 12 fantastic hours.

Each participant receives a “kit” with a map, a mug and 12 tickets to exchange for the beers. The map shows where to find each of the 12 beers, addresses and opening hours of the bars and other relevant information.

The path it is up to you. Each participant chooses his own itinerary, which is on a walking distance, no longer than a mile. It is the “Golden Mile” of Curitiba.


9th Edition

The next edition of The Twelve Beers will take place on September 24, 2022.

The fun begins on Friday, at the delivery of the kits, the “Warming Up” experience.

On Saturday, during the whole day there is The Twelve Beers event going on.

On Sunday, the survivors meet at the “Hangover Heroes” experience.

Remember that the first batch of tickets entitles you to a collectable numbered glass cup and guaranteed entry-pass to the party of “The Unexpected Happens!”

Understanding The Twelve Beers in 4 Simple Steps!

Warming Up Friday

One day earlier, on Friday, we hand you over the map, the mug and the tickets, so you can trade them for the beers. In addition, there is a customized glass cup for you to take home and collect. Ohh! By the way, this glass comes already full of beer. Great, isn´t it?

Saturday is The12Beers Day

It is the main event and takes place in 12 pubs of Curitiba’s Historical Center, on Saturday during the whole day.

Also on Saturday, “The Unexpected Happens”! 4:20

In essence, it is a party within the party. Everything happens is in a secret place, and you have to solve a riddle to unlock two more unexpected beers.

Heads up! That´s an exclusive experience for folks with the first batch ticket.

Sunday brings “The Hangover Heroes”

If on Sunday morning you are still thirsty, come join the Hangover Heroes. We will have extra beer, but this time on open tap! This way we can drink until the barrel is completely dry. Bring your map, your mug and your stories to share..






The Twelve Beers, a spirit and hop experience!

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